We Believe Marketing Automation is Critical for Generating Demand the Drives Consistent Revenue

There are a million little things that no one has time for but are critical to successfully executing a winning marketing strategy.
Marketing automation handles all that and more using the power of technology.

By automating repetitive tasks, you stay on top of your marketing execution and save a ton of time, energy,
effort, and money. I firmly believe that without sales & marketing automation, it’s just too difficult to scale
your business efficiently and consistently.

We Love To Explore

We are actively seeking out new things. Neophiliac at heart, we’re excited by novelty. We have a keen interest in exploring and experimenting with new growth & marketing tactics. For us, the unknown is exciting and inspiring for it brings great learnings with it every single time.

We take It Step-By-Step

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and lose control if we try doing everything at once. That’s why I never underestimate the power of small steps. I love breaking down my goals (even the marketing ones) into smaller pieces and take one step at a time.

We Keep It Simple

It’s ironic but to keep it simple is complex. Simplicity is an important tool for success — and even applies to how we approach sales & marketing. We try paying attention to the basics and focus on simplifying processes. And guess what, it usually works!

Meet Your Consultant

Mukesh K. Singhmar
Mukesh K. Singhmar

Founder & Owner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If done correctly, marketing automation can help you increase efficiency and grow revenue. It puts you on a path to get more prospects and customers without having to do additional work.

Marketing automation is the process of using technology and software in order to automate repetitive marketing tasks and marketing campaigns.

Some examples of marketing automation are:

  • Welcome email workflow
  • New customer onboarding
  • Lead-Nurturing
  • Automated website chat
  • Action-triggered sales follow-ups and tracking

The costs for marketing automation vary considerably and depend on a lot of different variables. Some of the key variables that determine the total costs are:

  1. The number of marketing contacts
  2. Automation software features & complexity
  3. API integration with our tools and software
  4. Length of contract and what period of that length is covered under a free trial

There isn’t really a simple answer to this question. Usually, I like to say that the best marketing automation software for you is the one that is a fit for your use case and needs. To determine that you should probably look at things like:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of use (including deployment)
  • Product Reviews

It all starts with asking the right set of questions. You need to identify all areas in your sales and marketing processes that are repetitive and manual and create a strategy around that keeping in mind the technology that is available in order to automate these tasks.

Email automation is the process of setting your email campaigns in a manner that allows for emails to be sent on the predefined defined time or action-based triggers.

Sales process automation is the process of looking at day-to-day processes our your sales team and automating them through the use of technology. The goal is to have your sales team spend more time selling and eliminate repetitive tasks.