Banner Ad

A banner ad is a traditional form of online advertisement typically displayed horizontally at the top of a web page. The term “banner” originates from print newspapers, where it refers to the newspaper’s name at the top of the front page or a headline spanning the full width of the front page.

Although banners have been a staple of online advertising since the early days of the web, their popularity has waned with the emergence of newer display ad formats.

Despite this decline, banner ads can still be an effective component of your advertising strategy due to their visibility and relatively low cost. While newer ad formats have gained traction, banners continue to offer a straightforward and cost-effective way to reach a broad online audience.

With strategic placement and compelling design, banner ads can contribute to your overall advertising mix and help drive traffic to your website or promote specific products or services.


For example, Imagine you’re browsing a news website, and at the top of the page, you see a horizontal advertisement showcasing a new smartphone model from a popular electronics brand. This advertisement, known as a banner ad, features the smartphone’s sleek design and highlights its key features.

As you continue scrolling down the page to read an article, you notice the banner ad remains visible at the top of the screen, ensuring continuous exposure to the advertised product.

The banner ad effectively captures your attention and promotes the featured smartphone model while you engage with the website’s content. Despite the availability of newer ad formats, the banner ad maintains its relevance by providing a prominent and cost-effective way for advertisers to reach their target audience on websites across the internet.