Google Remarketing

Also known as retargeting, Google remarketing is a powerful technology integrated with Google Ads that enables advertisers to re-engage potential customers as they browse the internet. When a user visits a website, a snippet of code installed on the site adds them to a remarketing list. Subsequently, when they visit other websites within the Google Ad network, they are presented with targeted ads from the advertiser.

Google offers extensive customization options for remarketed ads, allowing advertisers to prioritize specific audience segments such as new or returning customers. This enables advertisers to strategically tailor their ad campaigns to maximize their impact and drive conversions


An example of Google Remarketing in action is a clothing retailer using the technology to re-engage website visitors who abandoned their shopping carts without completing a purchase. After a user browses the retailer’s website and adds items to their cart but leaves the site without making a purchase, they are added to a remarketing list.

Later, as they browse other websites within the Google Ad network, they are served targeted ads from the clothing retailer showcasing the items they previously showed interest in. These personalized ads serve as a reminder to the user, encouraging them to return to the retailer’s website and complete their purchase. Through Google Remarketing, the retailer effectively recaptures lost sales opportunities and increases conversion rates.