A workflow is akin to a lead nurturing campaign, encompassing a series of triggers and events designed to guide leads through the nurturing process. Beyond nurturing, workflows can serve additional functions, such as updating contact properties or adding contacts to specific lists based on predefined conditions. Regardless of its purpose, workflows are a potent tool within an inbound marketing strategy, facilitating efficient lead management and engagement.


An example of a workflow could be an email automation sequence designed to nurture leads who have downloaded a free e-book from a company’s website. The workflow begins with the trigger of a lead downloading the e-book and then proceeds to send a series of automated emails over a specified period.

These emails may include additional valuable content related to the e-book topic, invitations to webinars or events, and eventually, offers to schedule a consultation or demo. Throughout the workflow, the system may also update the lead’s contact properties based on their interactions or lead scoring, ensuring personalized and targeted communication.