B2B Email Marketing Automation: 10 Campaign Ideas

B2B Email Marketing Automation: 10 Campaign Ideas

Email marketing is highly versatile and you can think of a thousand different ways to use it for growing your business. Here are 10 campaign ideas that you can try for yourself.

Email marketing is a yielding channel for almost all companies, and this holds especially true for B2B companies. This is because, in the B2B space, you need to communicate directly and put your point in a straightforward manner. And this has to be done in a way that holds the client’s or prospect’s attention.

But this is also where it gets tricky. How do you capture someone’s attention while still being direct? In order to run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to have a good idea that puts your point forward in a not-too-boring way, to say the least. It’s all about maintaining a delicate balance of creativity and sincerity.

Today, I have a number of campaign ideas that you can put to use for engaging your prospects and converting them into clients. Let’s get to it then.

Email Marketing Campaign Ideas

1. Welcome emails

The phrase ‘first impressions stick’ is popular for a reason. For a business to be successful, you need to make a good first impression on your clients. This can be done easily by sending a good welcome email to all your new subscribers.

Let the clients know that you are grateful and open to providing all the support they may require. You can include links to guides to make it easier for new customers to get started with your product or service. Or, if you are building a subscriber list, you can put links to important resources or blogs that may help the new joiners understand the industry better.

Basically, tell the new people on your subscriber list that you are there to help.

2. Activation emails

People have a lot on their minds these days and it’s easy to forget stuff. For example, someone may have subscribed to your service, but they are not using it. Days go by and you see no activity from their end.

It may have just slipped out of their minds. A quick and polite reminder though can be helpful in this situation. Let the clients know what’s waiting for them on the other end to pique their interest. It’s kind of like when credit card companies check on you when you haven’t used your card in a while. The point is, checking on your clients may prove to be helpful.

b2b email marketing ideas

3. New products/features emails

A budding business means product/service growth, which can entail the addition of new solutions to the palette or the addition of new features to an existing product/service. Whatever is the case, always make sure to let your customers know about any new developments that are happening.

Firstly, this is a great way to keep a conversation going. Secondly, new products or features may be of more use to your existing client base. And lastly, you get to expand your business right through trusted customers.

4. Event updates

Events like webinars, fireside chats, or virtual lunches are pretty common in the B2B spaces. The reason for this is that such events act as a great way to attract high-value customers. Since this is an important activity, your email marketing strategy needs to be strong.

From inviting people to the upcoming event, following up with them a couple of times, and then thanking the ones who showed up, a lot of work has to be put into such a campaign. Briefly let the recipients know how a particular event could add value for them, and if possible, end the email with a sense of mystery so that prospects are left wanting more.

Also, ensure to clearly state the time and place of the event. Make it as easy as possible for the recipients to sign up, which means putting the signup link in the emails.

5. Offers

Offers and gifting activities are a great way to lure in clients, after all, everyone likes to shop during end-of-season sales. You can set up criteria and prospects who pass it can leverage whatever discount you are offering. This way you also get to close high-value clients.

Free trials are also a good way to establish trust with potential clients. You can offer to get on a demo call with people who opt for free trials and show them how your service or product can be useful. You get to start the relationship based on actual proof and the customer won’t feel like they are just taking a leap of faith.

6. Use FEAR

When I say ‘fear’, I don’t mean you need to literally scare your prospects, but use it in a constructive way. You need to tell the prospect that the way they are conducting business or some aspect of it, might actually be harmful in the long run. You get to be the person who will take care of the situation and come up with a contingency plan using your service or product.

For example, if the prospect is running a website, you can let them know they might be violating Google’s policies with a certain practice. You can then offer to run an audit for them and tell them what the problem is and how it can be fixed.


This works in a similar manner as the last point, only here, you are playing on prospects’ fear of missing out. You might often have seen emails with subject lines like “Don’t miss out on a 50% discount” or “You are missing out on the deal of your life”. Well, these are some mainstream examples, but if you get creative, FOMO is a great way to capture the attention of your audience.

One thing that you need to take care of here is to not use just a subject line that plays on the emotions of the prospects while the content doesn’t exactly offer the same. This is a bad trick and could lead to a falling out between you and your audience.

B2B e-mail marketing automation

8. Curated content

Suppose you have built a great list of subscribers and you are constantly showing them good content. Even though it may seem like the work is done or you are on track, the work does not finish there.

What you can do next to move prospects down the funnel is segment them on the basis of their interest in your solutions and then start sending them curated content on that particular niche or industry. This allows you to target your prospects more precisely. You can also introduce a section of gated content that is specifically meant for prospects who are ready to convert.

9. Re-engagement emails

Oftentimes, prospects become cold and stop reacting in any way to your emails. You may also find that a particular lead that was deemed unfit for your business is now a good fit.

In such cases, re-engagement campaigns can help you get out of the throes. Using a more direct approach helps convince inactive prospects.

Basically, you need to nudge them a bit and see if they are still interested in your services. Offering them a free trial or some other such activity can be of use here.

10. Thank-you emails

The world may keep telling you to be strong and ruthless to get your way, but this isn’t really the case in the digital marketing world. If you are hoping to be on good terms with your client’s prospects or leads, you have to be polite to them.

The good news is that it’s the easiest thing to do. You just have to thank them for standing by your side choosing you or agreeing to give you a chance to prove your worth. Be humble and let your clients know that you appreciate them.

Leverage your thank you emails in different situations- for example, when someone signs up for your service when someone attends an event when you cross significant milestones.

Final Thoughts

The good thing about email marketing is that it is highly versatile in nature and you can practically think of a thousand different ways to use it for growing your business. You can use emails to maintain relationships with existing customers and definitely use them for building new relationships. It’s an easy and effective way to get in touch with the right people.

All you have to take care of is the basics and have a tinge of creativity. This way you will have yourself an email campaign for growing your business.

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